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If you are looking for high-quality home service providers in Singapore, you have come to the right place. All-In Plaster has partnered with a number of other service providers to assist property owners in Singapore. From plumbing and electrical to air-conditioning, locks, and general home improvement projects, these qualified providers can do it all.

To make the process of choosing a provider easier, we have put together a list of recommendations. All of the companies on the list are not only highly-rated but they also guarantee their services, taking the risk out of the equation. Let these knowledgeable experts put their skills and experience to work for you today. The information below should make it a lot easier for you to find a provider you can trust.

About All-In Plaster

Welcome to the All-In Plaster, your newest and trusted plaster specialist in Singapore. We are happy to extend our professional services to all kinds of clients across the country.

We are proud of our humble beginning as renovation contractors in a rather competitive market of renovation and construction experts in Singapore. When we started this business as young professionals, we were all also currently engaged in our respective full-time jobs, but one with we knew for sure is that we wanted to be able to deliver professional home improvement services the way our employers did, but we wanted to do it better.

We spent the next couple of years trying to build All-In Plaster from scratch, from the type of business model we would follow to adding more new things to our service menu, as well as the expertise that we will be actively promoting. For one thing, we did not want to be a company that offers almost everything but is not good at one thing. This is how we came up with our two primary services: False Ceiling Renovation and Partition Wall Installation.

Why these two? Because upon assessing our skills and expertise, we are confident that these are two property improvement services that we are really good at. Also, nothing beats the satisfaction of actually seeing the massive improvements in a house by simply doing a ceiling upgrade, or adding the necessary wall compartments.

We are a young team of dedicated and creative professionals who pour our hearts and minds out in everything we do. We take pride in building a pool of satisfied clients throughout the years.

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